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Dental implants offer many advancements in terms of tooth replacement, such as applying the artificial teeth directly in the jawbone where the missing teeth once sat. The purpose of dental implants is to offer you improved oral health, a complete smile and face that remains filled out. By receiving these dental restorations from Dr. Nina Nattiv, you can enjoy the durability, functionality and longevity that your smile needs. Below we review many of the benefits of dental implants that you can receive from their service:

– After dental implants are placed in your jaw, they can undergo a special process known as osseointegration that strengthens the bond between the jawbone and the implant so that your restoration forms a durable hold.

– While your facial structure can start to sink in as a result of missing teeth, dental implants are able to restore your appearance to its former natural structure.

– One of the reasons why dental implants are so important is because they provide a grip for your jawbone that prevents it from weakening due to missing teeth.

– We can fully customize your dental implants so that they provide the shape and appearance that gives you the smile you want.

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