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Have you noticed that your tooth enamel contains pores and textures and is made up of microscopic mineral crystals? The surface of your teeth can accumulate staining particles when you consume dark foods and beverages. We encourage you to remove staining particles from your teeth on a daily basis, and we review how these stains can appear on your teeth.

To address the appearance of tooth stains, Dr. Nina Nattiv can provide professional teeth whitening treatment to enhance the look of your teeth. Teeth whitening results can last a long time but may be temporary if your teeth are frequently exposed to sources of staining.

We encourage you to beware of foods that stain teeth, including dark berries, chocolate and tomato sauce. You can reduce your intake of these foods and use a whitening toothpaste during your oral care routine so that you can avoid staining and discoloration issues in between visits to the dentist.

You can also develop tooth stains from dark beverages such as cola drinks, tea and coffee, as they have a high concentration of particles that cause stains. These drinks can be enjoyed in moderation and should be consumed through a straw.

If you have a habit of tobacco use that is causing your teeth to stain, we invite you to speak with your physician about a program to cease your habit. Tobacco products contain tar and chemicals that can result in deep tooth stains.

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