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Toothaches are not something to ignore. In fact, toothaches mean that trouble is lurking in your smile and needs to be addressed. To understand more about toothaches, our dentist, Dr. Nina Nattiv with Polished Dental in Hawthorne, California, is here to give you this information on the basics of toothache troubles.

Here are the basics of toothache troubles:

– As a teen, when your wisdom teeth erupt, you will be at an increased risk for toothaches.

– Common symptoms of toothaches include noticeable discharge and the presence of pus or sores.

– If you have any unexplained facial rashes are fevers, it could be the result of a toothache.

– If you are taking any pain relievers, be aware that if pain continues to be felt, an underlying condition such as a toothache may be the cause.

– A toothache refers to an infection within a tooth.

– If you ever suffer from damage to your jaw or a TMJ disorder, a toothache can arise.

– Toothaches have several causes including oral accidents or injuries that damage teeth, as well as gum disease or tooth decay.

The important thing to always remember is if a toothache is giving you pain to give us a call at 310-349-1980 to set up an appointment as soon as possible. Our team is happy to give you a checkup and see what the cause of your toothache is so that it can be treated accordingly.