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If you have suffered any dental damage in the form of tooth loss, you should visit your dentist to have a replacement placed. Anytime either missing teeth are not replaced your mouth, you smile is at risk for further dental damage. This includes gum destabilization, tooth slippage, and an increased risk for tooth decay. A highly effective tooth restoration to fill in gaps in your smile is with dental bridges.

In cases where you have a weak jawbone or are getting up there in age, treatments such as dental implants may not be practical as they will need to be installed directly into your jaw. A highly reliable alternative is a dental bridge, which instead, is attached directly to nearby or neighboring teeth in the missing gaps left behind by a missing tooth. It is anchored permanently to ensure that you will not require any food restrictions and will be able to enjoy the foods you love. It can even restore lost functions such as chewing and eating properly that may have been hindered due to any lost teeth. It can even help with space maintenance as dental bridges are known for restoring bite stability.

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