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Next to the hazards of gum disease, tooth decay is a prevalent dental issue that can harm your oral health. If you have untreated dental decay in your smile, you are setting the stage for tooth loss. Today, Dr. Nina Nattiv and our dental team have some recommendations we hope will inspire you to take action if you suspect you might be at risk for cavities.

Cleaning: A healthy smile begins with a strong oral foundation. This means cleaning your smile every day. Your oral hygiene habits should include daily brushing and flossing using American Dental Association (ADA) approved products which work effectively. Brushing at least twice each day and flossing at least once daily will remove the harmful bacteria in your smile that create cavities.

Dental Checkups: Regular six-month professional dental cleanings with Dr. Nina Nattiv complement your daily efforts by removing the tartar which your toothbrush cannot. We also check for gum disease and other oral issues during these exams to detect them while they are easily treatable.

Healthy Diet: Believe it or not, a healthy diet benefits your teeth as well as your body. Fresh raw vegetables, fruit, dairy and lean protein provide much-needed minerals and nutrition for your teeth. Along with lots of water to maintain a healthy supply of saliva, and limiting sugary, starchy snacks, will help you build a strong smile.

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